Creative BASIC

Creative BASIC 1.01

Developed by Ionic Wind Software
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Create Windows programs, 3D games and utilities
Supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and XP
Compiles stand alone executables (registered version only)
Run programs directly from the IDE
DirectX Support with sprites, screens and scrolling maps
Direct3D Support with lights, cameras, shapes and scenes
Built in editor, debugger and GUI/Dialog designer
Resource compiler included
No external libraries or runtimes required
Full MDI (Multiple Document Interface) support
Dynamic window, dialog, and control creation
Simple BASIC like syntax
Over 240 commands and functions built in!
Access to DLL's and the Windows API for unlimited extensibility
Structured data types (UDT's) fully supported
Console support and Console compiler
Graphics primitives supported
Bitmap, JPEG, GIF, Cursor and Icon support built in
Wave file support
Random access file support
Memory allocation and management functions
Low and high level printer support
Embedded browser windows for web enabled applications
Component creation and include support
Rich edit, list view, status window and toolbar controls
Registered users receive priority technical support from our community forums.
Minimum requirements:
166 MHz processor
16 Megabytes RAM
Windows 95 OSR2 or greater OR
Windows NT 4.0 or greater
Recommended requirements:
500 MHz or better processor
128 Megabytes RAM
Directx 7.0 or greater for DirectX and Direct3D programming

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